Photo by Jeremy Bishop

This is such a beautiful forgiveness practice!

A Hawaiian practice for forgiveness or reconciliation, it works outside the bounds of imagination or understanding, in a realm of love and illumination.

Making things right

The word “ho’oponopono” means to make things right or to make things move back to balance.

It’s an extraordinarily open-hearted approach to forgiving and letting go, allowing someone embroiled in bitterness to recognize our common humanity; to just give it up, to ask for and offer forgiveness and love.

I think of Ram Dass, and his practice late in life: “I am loving awareness.”

It all comes back to love. Why not just go there?

I love this combination of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Ho’oponopono that Brad Yates offers.*

If you are struggling with forgiveness, I encourage you to try this! It’s wonderfully powerful.



* If you are unfamiliar with EFT, I recommend starting with Brad’s Intro to EFT video. I think EFT is marvelous for healing, by the way. It’s very gentle, moves energy in a positive direction, and is something you can do for yourself!

** See also Eric Kolvig’s wonderful Forgiveness Practice



Photo by Jeremy Bishop