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My top 6 favorite podcasts (at the moment)

My top 6 favorite podcasts (at the moment)

I take a long walk nearly every day in the late afternoon. I used to walk with a doctor friend, and we could easily walk an hour to an hour and a half a day, puzzling over our problems, laughing and philosophizing about life. I miss her since she moved! Now I tend to walk with podcasts for company (though if you are available, let me know!).

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Allow - Love Jo by Jo Cooper

I shared this gorgeous poem by Danna Faulds in class this week, and I thought you would enjoy it, too.

With all the summer storms lately, it seems so perfect. The air is so clean and clear after all the thunder and lightening!

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Keeping it simple

Keeping it simple - Love Jo by Jo Cooper

I practice a form of meditation called Vipassana, which means to see things as they really are. A very ancient form of meditation, it is said to have been rediscovered by the Buddha over 2500 years ago and has been passed down by an unbroken chain of teachers to the present day.

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Don’t ask permission. Just do good things.

Don’t ask permission. Just do good things. - Love Jo by Jo Cooper

Over the July 4th week, I was thinking a lot about independence, and what that quality can mean to a creative and wholesome life.

Especially for women.

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Zero Waste: how we each can make a difference!

Zero Waste - how we each can make a difference - Love Jo by Jo Cooper

Have you heard of the zero waste movement? The term “zero waste” comes from manufacturing, and the goal of sending zero waste to landfills. Interestingly, at least 20 large-scale US manufacturers had achieved zero waste status as of 2015 — no wonder some of them objected to President Trump pulling out of the Paris Accords! They’re already way ahead of the curve.

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Cook like an artist

Gleaming black olives, dusty purple eggplants, emerald kale, a splash of scarlet tomatoes on freshly made golden corn tortillas…  I cook with my eyes. Color matters, texture matters, flavor matters. I rarely use recipes. I find my art supplies at the farmer’s market on Saturday morning, and my favorite season is now, summer, when the market is brimming with seasonal surprises.

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