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My favorite tools for zero waste living

My favorite tools for zero waste living

Ok, I say “zero waste” but I’m not perfect! It’s very, very difficult if not impossible to live 100% zero waste in the world at the present time. You can’t, for example, totally avoid plastic. But I do my best, with pleasure. 🙂

I’ve been on this mission for many years now, and my mother before me. I love that so many things I do today remind me of her and my grandmothers, one of whom I never met. But I have a spoon I use for everyday cooking that was hers, and I think of her.

Not everything zero waste has to be new or expensive. 

Without further ado, here are some of my favorite zero waste tools for daily living, in no particular order.

The present and the infinite

Photo by Antonio Gabola

When before the beauty of a sunset or a mountain, you pause and exclaim, ‘Ah,’ you are participating in divinity.” —Ancient Hindu Text

Many of my most cherished moments in life have been indescribable. Beyond words and intellect, just 100% happening. But I want to try to talk about them a little bit here.

Best 2021 reads so far

Best reads 2021 so far - LoveJo

I hope you enjoy my list! All 5 stars. 🙂

A new beginning. Again!

A new beginning. Again!

A month ago I moved into a small 1920’s apartment in a beautiful, walkable neighborhood in my hometown of Washington, DC, close to family and friends, with beautiful light and a nice view of trees. My second move in two years.

I was hopeful, excited, and, let’s face it, nervous. After all, we never really know how transitions will work out until they happen, right?

2020 Best Reads

2020 Best Reads

Though I read LOTS of nonfiction in this pandemic, antiracist, wildfire year, two exceptional novels are my top favorites. All of the winners have truly broadened my understanding of the world and the reach of my heart.

With thanks and love to our book club of 2 (my BFF and me), the Tenley-Friendship branch of the DC Public Library, and Politics & Prose bookstore—here they are, my top 12.

Walking into joy

Walking into joy

At the end of the day, when I haven’t an ounce of energy left and I’m emptied out like a seashell (and yet dinner is still to be made), I have a habit of going walking.

No, it doesn’t make sense. So I ignore my thoughts, which say, “Go lie on the couch with the excellent book you are reading,” and instead grab my key and just go.

Walking, I’m open like a Mason jar to whatever will come. All 6 sense doors are awake and alive: sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, and mind. And I would also say, heart. When robins stand stiffly alert at my approach, staring at me bravely right in the eye, I look back with eyes filled with love. Tenderly, I bring the lilac bloom closer, smelling with rapture, one hundred percent present.

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