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Don’t miss this book: The Other Significant Others

The Other Significant Others

I was introduced to this book via Ezra Klein’s podcast interview with the author Rhaina Cohen, an especially engaging episode because Ezra was passionately interested in the topic!

The magic of Ho’oponopono

Photo by Jeremy Bishop

This is such a beautiful forgiveness practice!

A Hawaiian practice for forgiveness or reconciliation, it works outside the bounds of imagination or understanding, in a realm of love and illumination.

Add peace and freedom: your guide to digital balance

Photo by Ryan Moreno

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Scott Ressler, a film producer at National Geographic, and I hosted a gathering called Digital Mindfulness: A Conversation on Balance.

My primary takeaway? I LOVED IT! 

I’ve read and listened to a lot on this topic. This was the first conversation I’ve heard within a spiritual context; specifically that of our loving Buddhist sangha at The Center for Mindful Living.

It was so sweet! And so real and resonant. 

Notes from the Eightfold Path

Since the start of the year, my early morning meditation class has been focusing on the Eightfold Path, the Buddha’s wise recipe for liberation. 

We’re using Gil Fronsdal’s lucid, practical introduction, Steps to Liberation: The Buddha’s Eightfold Path, as our guide. Fronsdal says, “Having the Eightfold Path mature within you is one of the great joys of Buddhist practice. It brings confidence, strength, ease, freedom, and so much more.”

Don’t miss this book: Loved and Missed

Loved and Missed by Susie Boyt

This is British author Susie Boyt’s seventh novel and the first published in the US. It’s exquisite. 

While I love many genres, there is probably nothing I love more than contemporary literature—really gorgeous, high-quality fiction writing that pulses with life—perhaps because truly sublime, literate writing is so rare and so precious.

Things that bring joy: A magic inbox trick!

Would you like a quick hack to clear your inbox with remarkable ease?

Here you go!

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