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Things that bring joy: A magic inbox trick!

Would you like a quick hack to clear your inbox with remarkable ease?

Here you go!


Soft rain
Airplane high in the sky
Siren in the distance
Siren Siren Siren
Siren who o o o o o o ooooo
Airplane diminishing, vanishing
Rain plopping through the hemlock trees
outside my window
Siren, way in the distance.
The hum of the city.
Life! Movement. Energy!
Nature quietly, softly, holding it all.
My breath
The tingling in my lips
The warmth of my
hand on my heart.
I’m here, too.


Photo by Marc Zimmer

Wondering (again) about balance

Photo by Fan Lyu

I’ve been wondering about a lot of things lately. I think the throughline might be aging.

I’m noticing a feeling of overwhelm. It might be for real—as in, anyone in like circumstances would feel this way—or, it might be about aging. I wonder.

My favorite books of 2023

A dozen of my favorite reads this year! I hope you discover some to enjoy. 💛


Soft sky
Looking out my window at the powder blue sky above treetops adorned with golden leaves, I watch as a black bird silently drops diagonally across the great blue expanse and lights onto a gold limb.


Things that bring joy: Playing hooky!

I had had the MOST marvelous weekend, and on Monday morning, I didn’t feel like getting back to work at all. I felt like…playing hooky!

I hadn’t thought about playing hooky in a LONG time, but here’s what happened.

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