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Things that bring joy: oranges!

Moroccan Oranges

This time of year I CRAVE citrus! Especially oranges. That clean, bright, exhilarating color and flavor combine to make an utterly charming taste thrill.

My suggestion: don’t let this pass you by! Savor this perfect mindful eating experience each and every time. Be fully present to the delight! To the color, the shimmer, the scent, and to the way the light falls on the oranges. Splendid!

Don’t miss this book: The Untethered Soul

The Untethered Soul

My friend Gene recently shared that every so often, a friend will say, “I’ve just discovered the MOST incredible book about spirituality!!!” To which he replies, “The Untethered Soul, right?”

It’s not such a wild guess since there’s little else in the category of a deeply soulful dive into the architecture of being that’s as simple and practical a guide to a richly spiritual life. Maybe Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose, also a beautiful and rewarding read. But if I were to choose one that should not be missed, it’s The Untethered Soul.

Making space in your heart

Photo by Powell Nobert

The concept of making space in our heart is a favorite approach I learned as a beginning meditator that I have employed ever since to wonderfully positive effect. 

As I sat on a cushion in beginner’s class trying to get the hang of meditating, the teacher shared a visualization to help us calm our minds. Imagine the surface of a lake, she suggested. It might be rough right now, but as our mind calms, it can become as smooth as a mirror.

The Long Time Sun

Photo by Mathieu Bigard

This is another beautiful healing practice we can do daily, or as needed.

Favorite books of 2022

Photo by Jack Cohen

All fifteen books are rewarding reads. I hope you find some you’ll enjoy!

Note: Audiobooks are starred* and highly recommended if not otherwise noted.

When peace descends

Photo by Alexandra Diaconu

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