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The Long Time Sun

Photo by Mathieu Bigard

This is another beautiful healing practice we can do daily, or as needed.

Favorite books of 2022

Photo by Jack Cohen

All fifteen books are rewarding reads. I hope you find some you’ll enjoy!

Note: Audiobooks are starred* and highly recommended if not otherwise noted.

When peace descends

Photo by Alexandra Diaconu

Self-Compassion Break

There are some simple, beautiful meditative practices we can use to help heal suffering. They can provide comfort in moments of acute distress and give us confidence in our ability to move forward. And we can share them with friends. 🙂

Things that bring joy: Notes on a miracle

As I started on my walk last Sunday, it hit me: This is a miracle! All of it! The sky, the trees, the light, the squirrels, the chilly air.

I took notes.

Looking up

Looking Up

On the first full day of the Insight Meditation Community of Washington’s weeklong 2021 fall retreat, entitled Intimacy with Life, one of my favorite of all moments came during La Sarmiento’s dharma talk. They had been speaking about their love for walking meditation, and shared, “My vow in this lifetime is to have an open heart.” (They recommended having a dimmer switch rather than an on/off one, however. 🙂

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