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Things that bring joy: Notes on a miracle

As I started on my walk last Sunday, it hit me: This is a miracle! All of it! The sky, the trees, the light, the squirrels, the chilly air.

I took notes.

  • Warm morning sunlight brushes the pavement and paints the bricks in gold, in light, in shadow.
  • Gingko trees tower overhead. Fallen leaves—precise, ribbed, yellow fans—form piles of gold aside the walkway.
  • Gingko trees have been around since the dinosaurs!  They can live hundreds, maybe a thousand years.*
  • Breezes ruffle branches full of leaves, prompting leaf showers.
  • Poofy white clouds migrate across brilliant blue skies as if the glorious fall leaves weren’t sufficient! This too!
  • Backlit, cut-leaf Japanese maples glow lustrous in shades of red, yellow, light orange.
  • Tree leaves whisper, the wind whooshes, dried leaves race crackling across the street.
  • One large, perfect creamy orange rose, fully open, faces me above the walled garden.
  • A little girl—in white tights, red dress, and a flowered parka— walks hand-in-hand with her father, earnestly discussing…?
  • The copper-colored car with the “Mudita” license plate brings a smile to my face.
  • A little girl in a plum-colored jacket and leggings runs down the alley flat-footed after her mom, plop plop plop, water bottle dangling.
  • A crow caws in the distance, and I wonder, where are all the birds this morning?
  • A tiny black squirrel I’ve been seeing around lately hesitates as I approach my building, but he doesn’t run away. I bet he’s been seeing me around lately, too. 🙂
  • Home, invigorated, I sit curled on my couch with a hot cup of tea!**

May all beings be well, be happy,
Live with ease and peace. 

* JoAnna Klein, The Secret That Helps Some Trees Live More Than 1,000 Years

**Traditional Medicinals Immune Zoom Lemon Ginger TeaA most excellent tea! 


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  1. Susan L Hardy

    lovely XO

  2. Kate Gawler

    It’s like I’m walking with you. ❤️???

    • Jo

      Thank you, love!!! I SO appreciate your feeling this. And… I would love that! Let’s put this thought out to the universe. I miss you!

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