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Magic Mineral Broth - Rebecca Katz

A reminder for those of you who know about it, and an epiphany for those who don’t: It’s the time of year for Magic Mineral Broth!

This time of year, with colds and flu swirling about, I feel naked without it. And that’s a simple problem to fix. A trip to the farm market or grocery store for a sack full of everything on the list—sweet potatoes, red-skinned potatoes, carrots, celery, onions, leeks, parsley, garlic, a strip of kombu—a few minutes to wash, roughly chop and toss into the pot—several hours of cozy reading time while the broth simmers and the kitchen fills with a rich, savory aroma—and you’re good to go. One recipe makes quite a lot of broth, and it’s easy to freeze in quart mason jars for those moments when you need a mineral-rich pick-me-up. My kind of health insurance.

I’ve been making this for my family for 15 years. We defrost a jar the moment a family member starts to feel under the weather, and I’ve been known to deliver a jar to a friend or neighbor’s doorstep when they’re not feeling well. I can attest this broth is magic, and comforting, and nourishing, chock-full of minerals our bodies delight in. The perfect elixir for your medicine chest, and the perfect stock for your soups. I’m hoping to get an MMB group going in my neighborhood, so if one of us is out another can provide a quart in a pinch.

The magical recipe is the creation of my dear friend, renowned healthy chef/author Rebecca Katz, a culinary alchemist if ever there was one! We’ve been friends and colleagues for 15 years; and I seriously believe the magic in the Magic Mineral Broth exists in large part because she’s an extraordinarily brilliant, caring healer and sensationally gifted chef!

A gorgeous photo of MMB in-the-works appears on the cover of Rebecca’s cookbook, Clean Soups: Simple, Nourishing Recipes for Health and Vitality and her online Clean Soups Course is $6 off until 10/31!  Use the code SIXOFFSOUP. Become a soup master! Yum.

Rebecca Katz - Clean Soups

Learn more about Magic Mineral Broth, including the recipe, videos and stories.

Learn more about the deep magic in Rebecca’s blog post, “You, too, can be a healer: Magic Mineral Broth.”

I hope this immune-boosting elixir becomes a part of your life, too!

Thank you, Rebecca! <3


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  1. Beth

    Hi Jo, Like you, I am a big fan of Rebecca Katz. I love her vibrancy. The broth is a beautiful thing. I don’t reserve it for illness, though, preferring to enjoy on a regular basis. Thanks for the heads up about the soup course. Signing up today!

    • Jo

      Ah! A fellow aficionado. 🙂 We don’t reserve it for illness, either. Great point! Best soup stock ever, and a steaming mug is good to sip on anytime. Hydrating and nourishing. I hope you enjoy the course, Beth!

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