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Wondering (again) about balance

Photo by Fan Lyu

I’ve been wondering about a lot of things lately. I think the throughline might be aging.

I’m noticing a feeling of overwhelm. It might be for real—as in, anyone in like circumstances would feel this way—or, it might be about aging. I wonder.

My favorite books of 2023

A dozen of my favorite reads this year! I hope you discover some to enjoy. 💛


Soft sky
Looking out my window at the powder blue sky above treetops adorned with golden leaves, I watch as a black bird silently drops diagonally across the great blue expanse and lights onto a gold limb.


Things that bring joy: Playing hooky!

I had had the MOST marvelous weekend, and on Monday morning, I didn’t feel like getting back to work at all. I felt like…playing hooky!

I hadn’t thought about playing hooky in a LONG time, but here’s what happened.

Things that bring joy: Birthday books!

Little Acorn, written by Melanie Joyce

I’ve always thought this was one of my best ideas ever. 

When my oldest son, Ian, was born, I created an instant family tradition: birthday books! 

Our enormous potential for inner growth

Photo by Luke van Zyl

I’m excited to share several deeply fulfilling opportunities for inner growth that I have experienced over the past few months. 

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