Photo by Mathieu Bigard

This is another beautiful healing practice we can do daily, or as needed.

The Long Time Sun

(With hands held over your heart to feel the warmth)

May the long time sun shine upon you

All love surround you

And the pure light within you guide your way on.

In case you’d like to close your eyes and listen:

My beloved teacher Karolynn Coleman often shares this in class to end our meditation, along with a verse from John O’Donoghue’s beautiful poem “Bennacht” (which I’ll share in the future).

Along with many other people, she says that The Long Time Sun is an old Irish Blessing that was popularized in the US in the Sixties by the Incredible String Band. Mike Heron, the band leader, says he wrote this, words and music. Either way, Yogi Bhajan heard it and felt so inspired that he incorporated it into all of his Kundalini Yoga classes, and it’s sung today at the end of Kundalini classes around the world.

Hear it sung by Snatam Kaur (9:13) or Celtic Treasures (4:59)—both are lovely.

When Karolynn shares the Long Time Sun, she pauses over each sentence and suggests we think about the sun shining, even above the clouds and the storms that come… always there, benefiting us… providing warmth and nourishing us… And then about all those who have offered love to us in our lifetime, surrounding us with love… and then to go within, and experience the pure light within us…

To me, it’s imbued with the resonance of nature herself. The warmth of the sun, the miracle, and awe of life, and our deep connection with mother earth.  I love anything that illuminates that!

For when you need it. 💛


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Photo by Mathieu Bigard